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How To Help - October 2017

Post Hurricane Irma Update

Thank you to all who have sent well wishes for the Children & Carers at PCH. We have limited access to the internet and cell phone service, so may not be able to reply immediately.

All children stayed in PCH during Hurricane Irma, the Home weathered the storm well.

Having said that the Home is in need of repairs and did sustain damage during Irma, also we have been without power and will be for some time so looking for generators. Please see Wiring Instructions and an Updated Needs list to the right.


Thank You to All the Visitors and Residents who have been fullfilling our WishLists! Feel Free to contact us and confirm sizes or what is needed most. We regularly check our Wishlists/Grocery Lists to make sure they are up to date.
Contact us by email

General Wishlist
Grocery Wishlist
School Clothing Wishlist *Updated

Making a Difference
at PCH!!!

Click here to find out how Blue Haven Marina Staff and Visitors to the island made a wonderful day happen with the kids at PCH!! Thanks to Blue Haven and IGY Marinas for taking the initiative to making a positive change for the Children!!!

Past Events
The PCH Music Extravaganza - "Span the Decades"(read more)

The Provo Children's Home is always grateful for the support of the community.

Provo childrens home

Cole (local teenager) made it to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro and also made his goal raising money for The Provo Children's Home in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands


A letter from Cole about the Climb Available NOW!! Click Here

Hurricane Irma Relief Fund

Wiring Instructions

For Donations to the Provo Children's Home
updated as of Oct 20, 2017


FIELD 56 – Destination/Intermediary:

ABA# 021000021 (routing number)


FIELD 57 – Pay to Bank/ Beneficiary:

East Hill Street

FIELD 59 – Beneficiary Account:

Branch #05395
Account #4002960
Customer Name: Provo Children’s Home
Customer Address: 566 Chalk Sound Road
Providenciales, TCI


Note: RBC Turks Branch Transit # 05395

Thank you to all who have contacted us willing to help.
All Children and Carers have weathered Hurricane Irma and we are most grateful for support in reparations due to hurricane damage.

We have an updated Hurricane Irma Needs List - Please download here

The mission of Provo Children’s Home is to provide a safe, secure, nurturing and loving home environment for children who are in need of care and protection.

Check this page regularly for upcoming events to help support the Provo Children's Home and to have fun in the local community! If we all donate a 'little bit' then we can make The Provo Children's Home a SUCCESS!

Past Event : The Eco Sea Swim - July 2017
Raised $4000

Certified Green Globe Swim Competition

This is a fantastic event that has grown in size & scope throughout the years. The Race for the Conch is “One of best organized open water swim races anywhere. Crystal clear waters, magnificent beach, and super friendly volunteers, organizers, and swimmers at all levels.”
With kids races and competitive adult races everyone receives a commemorative medal and more! Yet again this year the Eco Sea Swim is naming the Provo Children's Home as a beneficiary. We at PCH wish to thank the co creators (Chloe & Ben) of the event for all that they do through the year. Namely donating their time and expertise in giving the PCH kids swimming lessons. We have some kids swimming in the kids race this year! Please recognize this event and come out and join in if you are on island.- See you there!!

Past Event: A Night of Art - Jan 2017
Raised: $TBA

provo childrens home

This is a yearly event for PCH. Invited to participate by the Ed Gartland Youth Centre, A Night of Art is an elegant evening of local artists at Amanyara Resort. There are Silent and Live auctions of Art and a portion of the proceeds go to the Youth Centre and the Artist.

The PCH children worked very hard on their submissions this year, from generating ideas, to tracing them out on a 'practise' sheet to working on a real canvas! This is an exciting project for the kids and it gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride to help out PCH! Please consider attending next year!!

PCH Artwork provo children

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