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“We cannot always build the future of our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” -Tracey

What we accomplish


With your donations of money and more importantly time, we can give new experiences and opportunities to build character and interact with many different people to the Children of the PCH

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Provo childrens home

History of The Provo Children’s Home

Provo Children's Home | We thank all the supporters below

Provo Children’s Home is a residential care facility in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands. The home was privately established in March 2006 as a long­term orphanage called Nissi House in Thompson Cove.
In August 2007 the focus was changed to include all children in need of a safe environment. The home then had seven great kids between the ages of 6 and ­ 15 years old.
After Hurricanes Hannah & Ike damaged Nissi House in September 2008, the children and caregivers had to vacate to two different locations temporarily, one based at the SNAP center and the other at a private residence kindly donated for the interim.
The PCH Build Group was formed when it became known that there was no real home for orphans and children at risk. A group of caring people banded together, led by Tanis Wake-Forbes to correct that situation. Based on information and numbers from Social Development the Group decided to build a 20 bed facility with two emergency placement rooms and caregiver suites to handle any children in need in the country, while trying to keep the facility as a home instead of an institution. The community supported these volunteers who set out to create plans, raise the funds and construct the new home.
The PCH Build Group set themselves the task of raising over $1million and then set out to build the complete the facility within 6 months of breaking ground, a feat never achieved before.
July 2009 saw the Group breaking ground and by January 2010 the doors opened and children and caregivers moved in to their beautiful new facility in Chalk Sound on nearly an acre of crown land.
Since that time further enhancements have been made such as landscaping, a beautiful long paved driveway and car parking area, fencing around the entire perimeter and a large garden area to provide fresh fruits and vegetables. Donations and fund raising events and volunteering of time are all still required to help PCH with their operations as there is still a substantial construction loan to be repaid as well as monthly running costs.
The goal was to establish a safe therapeutic environment for children in need. It included educational, emotional, physical and spiritual support and care. The PCH Build Group wanted the children in care to have enriching experiences and the new facility to be a model for future homes in Turks and Caicos Islands and that goal has not only been reached but surpassed and all wish to thank the community, local businesses, and visitors to our shores who have all supported PCH and are continuing to donate their time, funds and kindness to PCH.

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